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22770 Old Hwy 169
Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501


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Class 1 PATCHWORK (Pieced Work)

Quilt pattern name must be on entry tag.

Lot 1: Quilt – completed by one person

  1. Doll – machine sewn/machine quilted
  2. Infant, Crib or Youth machine sewn/machine quilted
  3. Throw or Lap quilted machine sewn/machine quilted
  4. Twin or Full; machine sewn/machine quilted
  5. Queen or King; machine sewn/machine quilted
  6. Twin, Full, Queen or King; “Quilt as You Go” machine pieced

Lot 2: Hand Quilted

  1. Twin or Full;  machine sewn/hand quilted
  2. Queen or King; machine sewn/hand quilted

Lot 3. Patchwork – pieced by exhibitor, quilted by another person

  1. Wall hanging
  2. Throw or Lap
  3. Infant, Child or youth
  4. Twin or Full
  5. Queen or King




Lot 4: Group Patchwork – Quilt made by 3 or more; include a card saying what each person did

  1. Hand quilted
  2. Machine quilted

Lot 5. Scrap Quilt

  1. Hand quilted
  2. Machine quilted

Lot 6. T-shirt Quilt

  1. Tied
  2. Machine quilted

Lot 7. Mixed Technique Quilt – patchwork with applique, embroidery, drawing, photo transfer, etc.

  1. Hand Quilted
  2. Machine Quilted

Lot 8. Other Patchwork not specified

Class 2 QUILTING (Whole cloth quilts or Cheater Quilts)

Name of quilt must be on the entry tag.


Lot 1.  Bedspread

  1. Infant, crib or youth
  2. Twin, Full, Queen or King

Lot 2. Wall hanging


Lot 1. Bedspread

  1. Infant, Crib or Youth
  2. Twin, Full, Queen or King

Lot 2. Wall hanging