Webster County Fairgrounds Committees



Being a committee memeber is a great way to help out at the fairgrounds.

If you would like to be on a committee, come to the monthly board meeting or e-mail us at

What does being a Committee Member mean?


Buildings & Grounds

The Building & Grounds Committee evaluates what areas of the fairground need repairs or improvments and works to get those completed.


The Entertainment Committee establishes what entertainment will funded by the Fairgrounds year round and during the fair. 


The Marketing Committee is responsible for communicating the events at the Fairgrounds, ensuring strong customer experience year round and getting strong community support.

Flea Market

The Flea Market committee is responsible for laying out and getting vendors in to this monthly event. They also help collect money at the entrance during the outdoor market events.

Vendor (for Annual Fair)

The Vendor committee finds quality vendors to be set up during our annual fair to help ensure various levels of interest and education are available.

Alcohol (21 years of age or older)

The Alcohol committee ensures our license terms are met and help find and provide services when requested during Fairgrounds events

Learning Center (Short Term for 2017)

The Learning Center has been established for 2017 to ensure our first learning center during the fair has several ag based educational and interactive things to do.

Kitchen Remodel (Short Term till complete)

The Kitchen Remodel committee was established to finalize plans for the new kitchen in the west side of the auditorium. The committee sets plan for the remodel and works to raise funds for this project.